Frequently Asked Questions
If you do not find answers to any of your questions or concerns here, please feel free to contact
Coach Annelise through the contact page and she will be more than happy to answer them for you.

Q: What does it mean to belong to the TRIinfitness "coached" training program? 

A:  There are many benefits for all experience levels to train with a "coached" training program. 
      For starters, having your own coach is great for added motivation, helping you stay on task with
      planned workouts that fit your current level of fitness, lifestyle needs and multi-sport goals.   
      The TRIinfitness coach knows when to push forward and deeper and also when to back off based
      on experience levels, energy for the day and how your overall training is coming along.  We provide 
      the coaching needed to not only help you enjoy the sport  even more and remain injury-free.  
      The training is about quality rather than quantity - providing our athletes safe progression and efficiency
      to get the most out of your training.

      For beginner athletes, our coached programs provide great mentorship, helping you along every
      step of the way.  We are there to guide you when to go hard, when to take it easy and when to back
      off.  This is done during group workout sessions as well as guidance during the week away from the
      group workout sessions, helping to keep you accountable so you can reach your triathlon goals - 
      whether its to complete your first triathlon or if you're wanting to hone in on specific training techniques
      to reach a personal best.  
      The TRIinfitness coach brings high quality with years of experience and education, providing you the
      one-on-one instruction in the group setting. 
     More important, the TRIinfitness coach is adept at helping you holistically; not only solving the
     puzzle of training for multiple sports, but also injury prevention, optimizing training and 
     nutrition, managing the often overlooked skills, mental preparation, and last but not least,

Q: Do I have to be a paid member of TRIinfitness to participate in your workouts? 
A: Your first one is on us.  Come on out and meet the team. To gain the many great benefits of
     coached training with on-going guided support and valuable tips, you will want to invest your
     time by joining the TRIinfitness training program. 

Q:I might be away for some of the training due to work travels or family vacations, I'm not sure
     that I want to pay for a training program if I have to miss any sessions. 

A:  This is very common with many of our athletes as life presents many obstacles that may take us away
      from our training for a week or a session here or there.  This is where the on-line coaching and email
      support from your coach comes in handy.  We are there to support you, providing tips on how to 
      maintain your training while on the road so you can still follow your training plan best as you can and
      return back with the group to continue your training with your teammates.

Q: I only want to do the run (or bike) portion of the multi-sport training.
     Can I still join in the TRIinfitness training program?

A: Of course you can!  Cross training in any of the other sports is a great way to stay healthy overall,
     getting you out and staying active.  Often we have a member who starts out by doing only one of the
     sports offered during training, this is a great way to start.  Or, some may be rehabbing a shoulder injury,
     so the swim workouts are not a current option.  We encourage all to come out to as many workouts as
     you can, giving support back to your fellow team mates and keeping you on track in your fitness and 
     multi-sport goals. 

Q: How fit or fast do you need to be to join TRIinfitness?  I'm worried I'm too slow and won't be
     able to keep up and don't want to hold the group back. 

A: Our goal is to get women out and active in a friendly, encouraging, all-paces welcome environment.
     We accommodate for all fitness levels, speeds and ability levels.  You train at your own pace and

Q: How do I find out about the TRIinfitness Multi-Sport workouts? 
A: Once you provide your interest in joining TRIinfitness or attending the workouts, we will add you to
     our email distribution lists so you can receive the latest information for all of our workouts and 
     trainings.  We also provide a private Facebook group page with all training updates, fitness tips and
     more as well as a group page on Meet Up - TRIinfitness Women's Network. 

Q: I am not a triathlete, but enjoy training in multiple sports.  What are you looking for in
     new team members?

A: We support and encourage all levels (TRI-Now) new to multi-sport and (TRI-Harder) those wanting
     to improve their fitness and training or for those who want to pick and choose their workouts
     Our TRIinfitness Multi-Sport training program represents women of all abilities.  In new members
     joining us, we look for women with enthusiasm in sharing their active lifestyle with others, and a sense
    of fun!  We always welcome you to join in one or two workouts to get to know the team and gain a
    sense of the workouts before you join.