Coach Annelise

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In a complex world, we have lost some of the meaning to our very own foundation needed to achieve optimal health.  My training philosophy is about keeping it simple and sticking to the basics.

All too often I encounter many who put their health needs last on the list while juggling everything else in their lives and working hard to keep it all manageable.  I believe in order to be successful in all areas of our lives, we need to be our first priority.  Simply making the time to care for self.  We can all make time for health and fitness. 

I couldn't ask for a better career, to know that I have played and continue to play a small part, directly or indirectly, in helping others live a healthier life and gain greater fitness with close to 20 years of experience in running, cycling, triathlon coaching, personal training, presenting and leading weekend fitness events, plus so much more.  My specialty has in cardiovascular fitness training, designing customized training programs for the everyday fitness enthusiast to the endurance athletes of various levels.  As an endurance athlete myself, I understand what it takes to start a program at ground zero, increasing endurance, making improvements and striving to be the best I can at whatever place I am at in life.  My latest specialty addition includes Nutrition and Wellness Coaching, working on our "WHY" and the "HOW" of making it all happen to truly live a life Infitness. 

This is my passion and I am blessed daily by those who continue to call me their coach, allowing me to be a part of their fitness journey.  With the proper coaching and motivation, anyone can achieve optimal health and revitalize their life! 

I look forward to Coaching you through your health and fitness journey so you too
can achieve infitness for life!

Coach Annelise