Our mission is to provide a group atmosphere which empowers, motivates and inspires women of all ages and fitness abilities to lead healthier, more active lives.

Group Multi-Sport Fitness Workouts - Available for small groups

At TRIinfitness, we bring women together interested in staying active and inspiring others to do the same.  Wives. Mothers. Daughters. Sisters. Grandmothers. Friends. We are enthusiastic about life, fitness and community.  The TRIinfitness summer training program is specifically designed to empower women who want to improve their fitness (TRI-harder) and for those who are just getting started back into fitness (TRI-now) or for those who are looking to pick and choose their workouts or not sure if they are ready for a full summer workout program (Just-TRI).  This program is perfect for novice or budding multi-sport athletes, fitness enthusiasts and weekend warriors who are looking to train and stay fit with like-minded women in a progressive series of multi-sport activities throughout the summer. 

The TRIinfitness summer training program offers camaraderie that can't be matched anywhere on the Eastside.  We provide a nurturing, supportive environment with a YOU GO GIRL! spirit at all workouts.  You'll find that our program supports women of all ages and ability levels, meeting any fitness goal through training rides, group runs, hikes, some swimming and/or kayaking, sweat, laughs and friendships, keeping you active throughout the summer months.   

You will gain from the benefits of dedicated coaching from a Certified Coach with over 14 years of coaching experience.

Why YOU Should Train with a Small Group...…

  • Gain fitness and learn how to maintain it   
  • Test your own personal abilities and learn how to overcome challenges
  • Realize the full depth of your potential and endurance capabilities
  • Build and develop your fitness base, skills and endurance
  • Gain a renewed sense of spirit through an active lifestyle in the outdoors
  • Support to walk/run a 5k, 10k or more and support for summer biking events
  • Learn all about getting started into multi-sport
    • Including: gaining confidence on the bike and enjoying the run

For Women, By Women
There is no better environment or better preparation than a certified coaching program created specifically with women in mind.  Our all-women's training program does not translate to a softer or less focused approach to the sport, what we do is brilliantly marry athleticism and passion for sport with female spirit, providing the value and benefits of helping you improve your overall fitness as you train, not only for your events, but for all fitness in life so you can discover your own personal best.  Join now, meet new friends, learn valuable triathlon skills, and enjoy workouts in a super fun and supportive training environment.

On-Line Coaching Options
On-line coaching options and 1:1 coaching available - contact for additional details.                  



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