12 weeks of focused training on a variety of multi-sport disciplines, including: lake swims, group bike rides, walk/running, bike + run workouts combined, added hiking or other water fun such as kayaking or paddle boarding.  No matter your starting point or fitness and training goals, we've got your back and will help you to achieve your personal best.

Kick Off: June 17th (Open to everyone to attend and learn more about the training!)

Training Dates: June 17th - August 26th with coached workouts alternating between Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings

Training Locations: Multiple locations throughout the greater Eastside, including: Bellevue, Redmond, Renton, Issaquah, Snoqualmie, Sammamish and Mercer Island. 

Recommended pre-requisites prior to start of training:

These recommendations are just that, recommendations as a base line fitness level so you can enjoy the training from the start.  We will work with you wherever you're at to progress you to the point you need to be to complete your goals and successfully cross any finish line and achieve your goals.  You will notice we do not list intensity, paces, times or technique for pre-requisites here.  This is what the training is for, to help you improve in all of these areas. 

     Swim: already know how to swim comfortably in the open water.  Any stroke is welcomed that gets you 
     comfortably through the swim.  A swim buoy is required for all swimmers.  

      Bike: comfortable riding a bike on the road up to 5 - 10 miles or 30 - 60 minutes.  Know your hand
      signals and rules of the road.  Safety is our number one goal at all workouts. 

      Run/Walk: able to walk or run up to 1.5 miles - 3 miles comfortably or up to 45 minutes. 

Team Program Coaching Rates: $359 (New to TRIinfitness)  |  $299 (Returning TRIinfitness) (tax not included) 

  • workouts led by a certified & experienced coach with team support mentors 
  • training workouts 1-2x/week, alternating with a variety of workout types: lake swimming, cycling, running, bricks (bike/run combos), hiking
  • instruction on heart rate training with the use of heart rate monitors and other training tools to optimize your fitness training
  • on-line training plan and calendar, log and coach communication for added support on
    non-group workout days via Training Peaks
  • group camaraderie, motivation and support
  • training tee (or other training gear) 
  • team training workout kit & gear available for purchase

Drop-In Special (just-TRI) - $99 includes 5 sessions of choice.  Does not include on-line training calendar, training plan, team training gear.  (Tax not included) 

TRIinfitness Team Coaching Registration            


Contact: Coach Annelise DiGiacomo with inquiries and questions.  Contact info below.

700 NW Gilman Blvd #432 Issaquah WA 98027-5335 US   |  +1.2062287897  |  annelise@infitnessforlife.com