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personalized fitness training

Coach and Personal Trainer, Annelise DiGiacomo at the finish line of the 2-Day
Bike MS Charity Ride.

Annelise Digiacomo - aCSM certified exercise physiologist

To apply all extensive knowledge and experience toward helping people achieve a higher level of fitness and improved quality of life.  I am passionate about working with those who struggle in getting started, have started, yet struggle to maintain, have a desire to improve body composition, gain strength, get lean and tone-up, work on nutrition and fitness habits and improve health and fitness combined with wellness overall. 


Working with a personal trainer is the first step to improving your health and fitness. People of all shapes and sizes, and individuals with all types of goals have been proven to have better success when working with a personal trainer.  Your personal training session will include:

  • Tailored workouts based on your goals.
  • Focused attention on form, alignment, and posture.
  • Variety in your workouts using a mix of several modalities and intensities.
  • Mixture of fitness equipment using free weights, cable machine, TRX, body weight, stability balls, kettle bells, sand bags, BOSU trainers, medicine balls and more. 
  • Cardio workouts mixed in on treadmill, indoor cycle, or elliptical. 

SPECIALTIES: Personal training, small group shared training, TRX Suspension Training, strength training for post-rehab and injury prevention, training for improved body composition, Habit Based Nutrition Coaching, Metabolic Testing and Training, Run Coaching for all levels (5k to Marathon), and Fitness and Wellness Retreats.  For a complete list of credentials, click HERE.

PHILOSOPHY: I believe in continually challenging oneself and pushing your own self-limiting beliefs to be the best version of yourself that you can be.   My training philosophy is about keeping it simple and sticking to the basics.  All too often I encounter many who put their health needs last on the list while juggling everything else in their lives and working hard to keep it all manageable.  I believe in order to be successful in all areas of our lives, we need to be our first priority.  Simply making the time to care for self.  We can all make time for health and fitness. 

AVAILABILITY & MAKING IT HAPPEN: Weekdays - afternoons & early evenings.  Please CONTACT to discuss preferred training times plus current availability. 

Winter Sport Conditioning Class - Get fit and ready for any Winter Sport in 2020! 
At Peak Sports and Spine Physical Therapy in Snoqualmie Ridge
​6 weeks to....

Build overall strength, balance, flexibility agility and mobility for: 

  • injury prevention
  • muscle coordination
  • increased range of motion
  • improved posture
  • greater fitness
  • sport performance 

Each 45-minute class will include a warm-up phase, circuit training exercises and stretching. 

To REGISTER: Contact Peak Sports and Spine at 425-396-7778

3 participation options: 2x/wk pre-paid: $179 (best value) 1x/wk pre-paid: $119 | ​Drop-in: $25/class

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