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Small GROUP Training

Small group training (2-4 people) at its best, designed with your fitness goals in mind to help facilitate everyday strength, mobility, flexibility, and increase metabolism.  Great for off-season training and helping to keep injury free.  Find a friend or a few friends to join you, save money and increase the fun!


retreats for women 

Weekend Fitness Retreats designed with YOU in mind.  Each retreat experience is guaranteed to be a different learning experience, guided by experienced fitness and wellness coaches in a supportive environment allowing you to let go of what is holding you back from achieving your goals, creating the fitness lifestyle you desire all in a relaxing lodge resort setting. 



Train to run, jog or walk many of the local running events throughout the year in a fun & supportive group environment. Learn how to train efficiently, safely and injury free while increasing your aerobic base and thresholds. 



Whether you're a beginning triathlete or returning triathlete looking to improve your sport, TRIinfitness offers group coaching throughout the summer to help you reach your specific goals.

Group coached PROGRAMS